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Self-Build Mortgages


If you’re planning on building your own home, it can be difficult to secure a mortgage from conventional mortgage providers due to the uncertain nature of expenses when building from scratch. Luckily, the team at Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd are highly experienced in acquiring mortgages for customers who are self-building their home, offering expert advice and help to self-build mortgage seekers across Kildare. Whether you’re building the house of your dreams in the countryside or want to build a bonny bungalow in a thriving town, we can bring you through the mortgage process step by step.
We work with over 30 mortgage providers to ensure that you get the best deal with the lowest interest rates possible, providing financial peace of mind and security throughout the process of building your dream future home.


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What Can We Cover For Self-Build Mortgages?

The team at Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd offers help, advice, and recommendations on all aspects of self-build mortgages, including:

How to Use Your Site as a Deposit
Calculating the Cost of Your Build
Unbiased Advice and Recommendations
Budgeting Your Build
Self-Building Tips
Working with Over 30 Providers to Get a Mortgage to Suit You

Self-Build Mortgage FAQ

What is a self-build mortgage?

A self-build mortgage is a type of mortgage given to people who are planning on building their own home. They can be a little more difficult to acquire due to the financial uncertainty of some builds. Ken Regan Financial Services offers advice on all self-build mortgages.

Can a first time buyer get a self-build mortgage?

Yes. First time buyers and next time buyers can apply for self-build mortgages.


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