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Navigating the world of mortgages can be a minefield, so why not let Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd do the hard work for you?
Our team here at Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd are expert financial advisors who can help you to get the perfect mortgage to suit your home and family. Whether you’re a first time buyer, an experienced buyer, or just need some advice on switching your existing mortgage, we can help you, hassle-free.


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Why Discuss Your Mortgage with Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd?

Unlike big brands or franchises, Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd is an independent financial advisors and mortgage brokers service, meaning that we can offer unbiased, personalised mortgage advice. We work with over 30 companies to help you get the best mortgage for your property, also offering advice on how to switch your current mortgage to one that has a lower interest rate or better benefits. If you want some help with all things mortgages, why not call into our Newbridge, Kildare office today for a free consultation?

Mortgage Advice

Our team of experienced financial advisors are professional and qualified when it comes to mortgage advice, offering help, recommendations, and free consultations.

First Time Buyers Mortgage

If it’s your first time buying a house or apartment, finding the right mortgage for you is vital. We offer help to first time buyers, advising you on how to get the best value and security on your first mortgage.

Self-Build Mortgage

Building your own home can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it doesn’t come without its struggles financially. The team at Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd offers expert advice on how to get a mortgage when you’re building your own home.

Mortgage Switch

If you feel like it’s time to shop around in regards to your mortgage, why not contact Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd first? Our team offers expert advice on mortgage switching, getting you the best deals and rates out there.

Moving Home Mortgages

Moving home can be stressful when it comes to choosing what to do with your existing mortgage. Get in touch with Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd today to discuss your mortgage options when moving house.

Mortgages FAQ

Where can I find a mortgage broker near me?

Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd offers experienced mortgage broker services to customers in Kildare from their Newbridge offices.

How can I get the best rate on my mortgage?

Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd offers unbiased, flexible, and knowledgeable advice on mortgages, working with over 30 companies to get you the best deal possible. Why not call in today or book a free consultation?

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