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Whether you are an experienced investor who is seeking a portfolio review or venturing into investments for the first time, we're here to assist you. We invest time in understanding your investment goals and your comfort level with risk. Speak to our expert financial advisors today.


Anticipating something special can bring a ray of light into your life. This is where a well-thought-out savings or investment plan becomes crucial – it can aid you in achieving vital financial objectives such as covering college fees, purchasing your first home, or assisting your children in getting their foot on the property ladder.

We understand that everyone has unique preferences when it comes to investing, and our goal is to align our offerings with your specific needs. Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd offer a range of investment products, each with varying options and risk levels, ensuring that you feel fully at ease with your investment decisions.

It’s important to remember that, with any investment, the value of your investment could go down as well as up. That's why it's wise to get expert advice first. Good advice can help you save money, grow your investment, and find the right option for you.

For trustworthy guidance on savings and investment in Ireland, reach out to Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd. Our friendly team of experts can assist you in navigating the investment markets' risks and help you reach your saving goals.


A regular savings plan offers a simple method to save monthly via direct debit, aiding you in achieving your long-term financial objectives. It can help you reach crucial financial milestones like covering college fees, purchasing your first home, or assisting your children in entering the property market. When it comes to saving, everyone has different goals and abilities. Whether you prefer to save regularly or invest a lump sum, it depends on your comfort with risk and how much you can save each month. We're here to help you find the perfect savings plan that fits your needs and situation.

Regular savings plan

An Investment Bond is a simple product that allows you to invest a lump sum, aiding you in reaching your long-term financial goals. Perhaps you have recently received a lump sum, like cashing out a savings plan, inheriting money, or a redundancy package? Instead of choosing a standard deposit account, consider investing in an investment bond, which provides the opportunity to earn higher returns over time. Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd offers a variety of investment funds tailored to your risk tolerance, aiming for greater potential growth. You have complete control over your portfolio with the flexibility to switch and reallocate your investments among different funds. Tracking the value of your investment bond is simple, allowing for transparency and convenience throughout your investment journey.

Investment Bond (Lump Sum)

Planning for your children's future starts with saving. While education in Ireland is meant to be free, families are facing rising back-to-school expenses each year. Start securing your child's future today to provide them with the best opportunities in life. Taking early action and beginning your savings journey now can maximise the financial support available to them. With our diverse selection of investment funds, you have the flexibility to choose the ones that offer optimal growth potential over the years. This plan allows you to establish a dedicated fund for your child's future.

Childs Education Savings
Iheritance / Estate Planing
Inheritance / Estate Planning

Thinking about inheritance might not be the most pleasant topic, but organising your affairs in advance is one of the smartest financial moves you can make. While it may seem complex and daunting, planning ahead can greatly alleviate any potential challenges associated with inheritance. Speak to our expert team of financial advisors today on how we can assist with inheritance / estate planning.

Warning: Past Performance is not a reliable guide to future performance

Warning: The value of the investment may go up as well as down

Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all the money you invest

Warning: These products may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates


Understanding the different risk categories

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