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If you’re coming out of a fixed rate mortgage, and want to find some better interest rates to suit you, now is the time to start shopping around and getting advice on how a mortgage switch could benefit you. The team at Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd offers a range of comprehensive mortgage switch services including unbiased recommendations and advice on the best interest rates out there for home owners coming out of fixed rate mortgages.
Switching your mortgage is not as complicated as you may think, especially with expert advice from the professional team at Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd. We shop around to over 30 mortgage providers to get you the lowest interest rate possible, saving you money and stress in the long run. We also take care of all the paperwork when it comes to switching mortgages, ensuring smooth sailing for you and your family when it comes to your new mortgage provider.


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Why Switch Mortgages with Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd

Unbiased Advice
Over 30 Mortgage Providers to Choose From
Free Consultations
Professional, Experienced Advice
Handle All Paperwork and Applications for You
Individual and Personalised Advice
Expert and Experienced Professional Advice and Recommendations about switching your mortgage and re-mortgaging your home.

Mortgage Switch FAQ

Why should I switch my mortgage?

By switching your mortgage, you could make savings on mortgage payments and get a better interest rate for the remainder of your mortgage. Get in touch with Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd now to see how switching your mortgage provider could benefit you.

Is a mortgage change worth it?

Yes, absolutely. If you have come out of a fixed term mortgage and want better savings and mortgage interest rates, changing your mortgage with a mortgage switch can be financially beneficial. Get in touch with Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd now to talk to an expert about the benefits of switching mortgage providers.

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