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Your mortgage is the most important financial decision that you will ever make, so why not choose it wisely? Trying to pick a mortgage to suit your home and family can be difficult, so why not get in contact with an expert for help? The team at Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd are experienced professionals when it comes to mortgage advice, taking your individual concerns into account to get you the best mortgage possible for your property. We can answer all questions you have about mortgages, from “can we get a mortgage?” to “how can I switch my existing mortgage to get better interest rates?”
Because we are an independent financial advisory and mortgage brokers company, you can rest assured that all advice we give is totally unbiased, knowledgeable, and accessible, with no hidden clauses or small print. If you need some high-quality advice on all things mortgages, why not book in for a free consultation today?


Book an appointment now to speak to an expert about your options when it comes to your mortgage.

Why Choose Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd for Mortgage Advice?

Free Consultations
Independent Mortgage Brokers
30+ Years’ Experience
Unbiased Advice
House Deposit Advice
Clear and Comprehensive Info on Mortgage Rates
Work With over 30 Companies To Get You Best Rates
Flexible Mortgage Plans
Better Value Than Seeking Advice From Banks
All types of Mortgage Catered For

Mortgage Advice FAQ

Where can I find a mortgage advisor near me?

Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd offers Kildare mortgage advice to customers from their office in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

Why should I speak to a financial advisor about my mortgage?

Financial Advisors like Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd offer unbiased, experienced, time-saving, and individualised advice to customers about mortgages to suit them and their individual needs. By speaking to a financial advisor, you can get advice that is guaranteed to be unbiased, truthful and totally tailored to suit you.

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