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Income Protection


Income protection is a type of insurance that will pay you out a steady income in the event that you experience an illness or injury that stops you from working. Experiencing a critical illness or injury can be extremely traumatic, but income protection cover takes some of the stress out of this time in your life- financially, anyway.
Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd offers flexible, unbiased and totally customisable income protection cover plans to customers, taking into account your current income, health, and situation. Our income protection plans give you security and peace of mind that even if something bad happens to your family, you can remain financially secure and continue living as you always did to the best of your ability. Our totally flexible income protection plans means that you can pick a plan that suits your individual needs perfectly and without compromise.


If you would like more information about our range of income protection life cover plans, book an appointment now.

Benefits of Income Protection Plans from Ken Regan Financial Services Ltd

Protect up to 75% of your current income
Your cover will continue on until retirement
If you eventually return to work, we offer financial aid with rehabilitation while you get back on your feet
Premiums can be guaranteed or renewable
Plans can include hospitalisation cover
Cover is maintained even if you change jobs
You are covered within the EU
Plans are completely bespoke, flexible and customisable as we are an independent broker.

Income Protection FAQ

What is income protection?

Income protection is a type of life cover or life assurance plan that ensures your income is protected in the event that you are diagnosed with a serious illness or injury that stops you from being able to work.

How long is income protection paid for?

The length of time that income protection is paid for depends entirely on the plan that you take out. Get in contact with Ken Regan Financial Services now for more information on the timeframes involved in our income protection plans.

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